What is the best Herman Miller chair?

Posted by Lauren on October 7th 2016 - Latest News, Product Reviews

They have been working to improve the way we sit since 1976 when launching the world’s first research-based ergonomic chair; so what is the best Herman Miller chair?

The chairs manufactured by Herman Miller incorporate tilt technology to support all work activities.

Dynamic surface materials, as well as textiles, are used to support the body, respond to individual movements and keep the user cool whilst working.

Here at Design Office Solutions, there are four of us using Herman Miller office chairs on a daily basis. We all use different chairs, and all enjoy different benefits from the chairs we have chosen.

Here we have four different chairs and four different opinions regarding what makes the best Herman Miller Chair:

Herman Miller Sayl Chair (Design: Yves Béhar)

“I love the Sayl chair because it sits nicely into my back and makes me really comfortable.” Lauren


Herman Miller Sayl ChairInspired by suspension bridges, structures that support the most using the minimalistic material, Sayl’s 3D Intelligent Back lets you move around in your work position, thus creating a fantastic combination of support and freedom.

The elastomer strands differ in width and strength/tension to offer better support along your spine – this includes combined PostureFit support for your spine’s base – and lesser support in other areas, so you have freedom of movement.

Herman Miller Embody Chair (Design: by Bill Stumpf & Jeff Weber)

“The Embody chair is ideal for me as I sit for long periods and the sprung seat really helps to maintain my comfort.” Adrian


Herman Miller Embody ChairPixelated support is obvious the moment you sit in the chair. The seat  is designed to distribute your body’s weight efficiently, while the back works to support your body’s smallest movements.

The tilt progresses Miller’s balanced Harmonic Tilt technology, enjoying an extra eight degrees recline. PostureFit support is unified into the design of the back of the chair.

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair (Design: by Studio 7.5)

“The Mirra 2 chair gives me fantastic lumbar support compared with any other office chair I’ve tried, and it really helps me minimise issues from a bad back.” Steve

Herman Miller Sayl ChairThe chair adjusts with your movements, in line with your body. The exceptional Harmonic 2 Tilt provides a fluid, stable presence as you sit back. The elastomeric threads of the AireWeave 2 suspension seat are designed to follow to your body as you sit, while keeping their taughtness over time.

You can choose from a very responsive Butterfly Back or a flexible TriFlex polymer back. Both alternatives offer integrated PostureFit cushioning for the base of your spine. All Mirra 2 parts give airflow to keep your body cool.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair (Design: Bill Stumpf & Don Chadwick)

“The Aeron is the only office chair with three different seat sizes, and the A Size fits me perfectly. I am quite petit so it’s important to me that I don’t feel that I’m drowning in a chair.” Tara

Herman Miller Aeron ChairThe pioneering office chair to remove traditional fabric and foam and replace it with a breathable, woven suspension covering in its inventive Pellicle seat and back. Aeron disperses the users bodyweight consistently, removing tensions points and overheating.

The Kinemat Tilt enables the user to recline comfortably, as their joints bend naturally at the hips, knees and ankles. The PostureFit opportunity gives you support where it is needed the most while seated; at the base of your spine.


Of course, these are only personal opinions from the four of us, but they are testament to Miller’s research based designs.

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