What are the benefits of acoustic office pods?

Posted by Lauren on January 16th 2017 - Latest News, Product Reviews

Background noise can be a major distraction in the workplace and is probably one of the biggest causes of stress in the workplace; so how can an acoustic office pod help you?

Certain noises can be accustomed to and therefore are less likely to be disturbing or distracting for staff. However, it is human nature to respond to sound frequencies such as speech, and therefore voice communication is probably the biggest distraction facing employees, especially if they are in an open plan work space.

Distracted staff can lead to irritation, stress and reduced performance. One way of helping to overcome this issue is to explore the range of acoustic pods available in the marketplace.

There are many benefits to acoustic pods, including:

  • Noise control from a furniture piece that is strong and appealing in aesthetics.
  • They can offer a cost effective option over building rooms and partitions.
  • Acoustic pods are static and can be moved and reconfigured as required.
  • Any movement will not involve the dilapidation costs associated with building work.
  • Unlike office and partitions, there are no building regulations.
  • Acoustic pods have many uses from meetings to private working.
  • They are available in a range of styles, designs and colours.
  • Acoustic pods can have integrated data, power and lighting.

Here at Design Office Solutions we offer a fantastic range of pods from a variety of different suppliers including the Orangebox Cwtch… Today we are excited to have received a trial model for a customer – they have a little more space than us and can’t wait to see their response.

Thank you for your help Orangebox.

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