Creating the right environment in the office

Posted by Lauren on June 15th 2016 - Latest News, Product Reviews
Smart organisations understand that their primary goal is to enhance the performance of their people. People are the engine that keep companies growing, adapting, improving and innovating; creating the right environment in the office is key to this.
Given the nature of today’s work processes, how can your workplace better support human performance? How can your workplace support all of the different activities involved with productive work; things like collaboration, creativity, innovation, deep thinking and mentorship?
When people feel crowded, or overheard, they often feel uncomfortable, which influences their satisfaction of the workplace. Aden from Orangebox offers an informal refuge for individuals and small groups when privacy is required.
The soft uncomplicated form of the seat shell and adjoining wings provide an enclosed visual and acoustic space for those enjoying a warm welcoming retreat.
The flat uncomplicated exterior surfaces provide a soft visual barrier, this is complimented with a soft and homely inviting interior that promotes informal conversation, time out or a private reserve when discretion and seclusion are necessary.
We have a variety of furniture solutions for strategic privacy in the workplace, and would be delighted to give any advice you need.
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