Workplace Analysis

A detailed workplace analysis will enable us to establish the best way to use your space efficiently and effectively.

Failing to carry out a workplace analysis at an early stage in your workspace planning can prove costly. All too often business feel that they need to go through the costly experience of moving premises because the have outgrown their current location; in fact careful analysis may give you options to better use your space and give you valuable extra time in your current premises.

A workplace analysis will establish:

  • Best use of current space with existing storage and furniture.
  • How your current space could be better used to incorporate growth.

During our analysis we will work closely with you and learn first hand how your business operations function in terms of staffing, storage, meeting rooms/areas, agile working, reception and any other areas that are key to your business success. We will survey your premises, audit furniture and discuss with you what of your current furniture you wish to reuse.

Having gleaned all of this information, we will then be able to give to a proposal of how your business could best make use of your space, along with costings for any design and/or fit out requirements you choose.

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