Kivo from Herman Miller redefines office space.

Posted by Lauren on April 21st 2016 - Office Fashion, Product Reviews

Office space needs continue to change, and Kivo from Herman Miller has been designed to evolve and adapt to our needs.

Where there was once a clear distinction between work areas, meeting rooms, private offices and boardrooms, the lines are now blurred.

Our behaviour has changed too. Today’s working culture is about fostering the sharing of information and championing new ideas, and so people need to find new spaces to engage in new activities. This means reshaping the workplace to dynamically support the way we work today.

Design Office Solutions showcases Kivo, designed exclusively for Herman Miller by Alexander Lorenz. We love the way that Kivo is designed to evolve and adapt to ever changing needs; the furniture system takes on the challenges faced by the consistently changing landscape of the contemporary office.

Redefining where you work can redefine how you work. Whether it’s a space that offers individual respite from interruption, or an area that encourages collaboration without distracting others, the Kivo system uses its simple geometry to great effect. With a combination of acoustic dampening materials and visual screening, an open space can be transformed into a private escape with clear boundaries. Secluded areas are quickly and simply carved out of the open workplace.

It’s human nature to seek out your own space; we instinctively look for areas in which to think, to escape and to collaborate. We also use physical boundaries to influence our activities, signal a change of behaviour, and encourage functionality. But balancing these human needs in the increasingly open workplace is a difficult task. There has to be a fine balance between open space and privacy, which is where Kivo excels.

For more information on how this stunning system could benefit you please contact us.

herman miller kivo

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