Why your office will benefit from a breakout space

Posted by Lauren on September 27th 2017 - Latest News

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of our industry and would like to help you consider the benefits of a breakout space within your office environment.

What is a breakout area?

A breakout area (space) is a place where your staff can go that is away from their normal (formal) work area/desk. Breakout areas can be designed in a range of guises from acoustic office pods, to a area of soft seating, to perhaps a poseur height bench and high stools to congregate and collaborate.

 Breakout areas can offer significant benefits in promoting a change in thought pattern by offering a change of environment. The area can have many uses including informal and formal meetings, collaborative thinking with your team or a more informal area for interviewing and reviewing staff. If the area is free, it can even be handy for staff wanting a quick break from their desk to take lunch or to make an important phone call without leaving the office.

Does my office really need a breakout space?

Put simply, if you can afford the space, then a breakout area is a fantastic investment in staff wellbeing. Prolonged periods at a desk, in front of a screen, promote issues of ill health including headaches, tiredness and even the promotion of anxiety issues.

In most modern workplaces the days of ‘breaks’ being frowned upon are behind us. Therefore, the use of the word breakout space will not immediately be viewed as an area to ‘escape’ work by staff; in fact quite the opposite will probably be true. The more relaxed environment give many staff the confidence to better contribute, making the area a great working tool… especially if equipped with right technology and furniture.

To summarise…

A breakout space that has been carefully thought about and designed will engage staff to use it with spontaneity. This holds definite potential to improve the speed of decision making and promotes increased productivity.

Can we help you?

Breakout spaces just one of many areas in you office space that are key working areas. Our family run business has over 20 years experience in the planning and design of offices and we would love the chance to discuss your requirements with you.

Please pick up the phone and speak to us about your ideas for your workplace on 01579 324174, or email us at info@coreofficesystems.com for impartial expert advice.

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