Why a good chair matters

Posted by Lauren on August 2nd 2016 - Latest News, Product Reviews

Why a good chair matters

“A good chair can make you more comfortable, aware, yet unaware at the same time that a designed object is making your life better.”

Bill Stumpf

Organisations around the world are becoming aware of the potential problems associated with prolonged sedentary work. This awareness has led to the increased adoption of standing-height or sit-to-stand workspaces. However, this trend toward sitting less doesn’t make the quality of an office chair any less important. Today, a good chair matters more than ever.

Sitting in a well-designed high-performance work chair—one that offers personalised ergonomics—provides an absence of awareness of our physical bodies that makes it preferable for many types of work. We want our minds free to focus on the conversation or the challenge of the work at hand, not on the way our bodies feel.

Since the 1976 launch of Ergon—the world’s first research-based ergonomic chair— Herman Miller has been on the forefront of understanding and mitigating the adverse effects of long-term sitting.

Their efforts have led to the development of a portfolio of high-performance work chairs designed to make sitting better for people. Chairs that move like you move. Surfaces that conform to your shape. Support that enables your best posture.

So for as long as sitting remains an important part of work, a Herman Miller high-performance work chair should be there, helping people to do great things… Here at Design Office Solutions we are proud to be an authorised online retailer for Herman Miller.

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