What lessons from Tennis should we use in Business?

Posted by Lauren on July 6th 2017 - Latest News

It’s that time of year again when we enjoy the skill and competition of the players at Wimbledon. But what disciplines in tennis are also true of our endeavours in the workplace?

We are all born with talents, and more importantly we are all born with different talents. Although talent, physical or mental, can be a result of genetics, these talents need to be nurtured, encouraged and focussed in order to fully bloom. This applies in business as much as in tennis and other sports.

Nothing can propel a person, in sport or business, like a strong and determined character. Character in tandem with talent make an unstoppable duo.

It doesn’t matter if you are aiming for success in business or sport, there needs to be a correlation between mistakes made and knowing that you have to learn from them. It is essential that we realise no success comes from technique alone; mental control and a unrelenting desire to learn will win over every time.

Tennis players, like business leaders may be solitary competitors on the forefront, but both are reliant on the teams that support them.

Positive Outlook:
Tennis players and other athletes can lose a match before they’ve even played it, and in the same way we can lose a business deal before we’ve even negotiated it as a result of negativity. In sport and in business it is essential that we demonstrate mental toughness to ensure that even when the conditions are the most difficult, we are still playing at our highest level.

It is often the case that the person holding the talent is the last person the realise what they have. In sport and in business, a good coach will find talent, nurture it, train it and develop it to it’s maximum potential.

Serious competition will always be abundant in sport and business; in fact, a strong person would argue that life would be boring without it. The best way of coping with serious pressure is to focus on the six tips above, and to realise there are other things beyond winning every time. Losing can sometimes be a learning experience; do not put yourself under so much pressure that it affects your ability to perform to your best.

Elite athletes at the top of their game can run the risk of allowing themselves to be surrounded by people who tell them the words that they want to hear. The same can apply in business and is a recipe for failure. Collaboration and teamwork are key to successfully utilising the talents and characters of the entire team.

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