What is the best monitor arm?

Posted by Lauren on February 22nd 2017 - Latest News

Having decided which LCD screen meets your needs for use and resolution, and then purchased it, it is important not to neglect the need for a good quality monitor arm… So, what is the best monitor arm?

A monitor arm is recommended to replace the standard base supplied with a monitor. It will, without doubt, provide significantly greater adjustment to the angle, height, rotation and tilt of your monitor. You will find find that correct screen placement will reduce the likelihood of health issues such as eye, neck or back strain.

Another benefit of lifting your monitor off of your desk space is that it will make your desk less cluttered, or at least increase working space.

Placing your LCD monitor(s) in the healthiest viewing position:

  • You should always aim to have your monitor(s) positioned straight in front of you, alleviating the need to turn you head or body significantly.
  • The ideal viewing distance for your screen is approximately 600mm, which should be roughly equivalent to your fingertips touching the screen when sat correctly in your seat. If you find yourself struggling to read your screen, don’t be vain… Adjust your screen resolution to increase the size of display; if you do not know how to do this make sure you ask a colleague who does.
  • You should aim to have the top of your monitor at a height level to your eyes wherever possible; you should ensure that your neck should never have to strain to hold your head up or down in order to view your screen comfortably.

Some questions to consider when choosing a monitor arm:

  1. What type of mount do I need?
  2. Will the arm support the weight of my monitor?
  3. Is the monitor suitable for my monitor size?
  4. Can monitors be exchanged easily if required?
  5. Is cable management a feature?
  6. Are the mounting hole positions compatible with your monitor?
  7. What movement is possible? (ie height, rotation, tilt etc.)

At Design Office Solutions we have a number of monitor arm solutions available to us, a few of which are available to view on our online store. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to call us on 01579 324174.

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