The New Normal

Posted by Sam Roberts on September 8th 2020 - Home Office, Latest News

With the furlough scheme coming to an end and more people returning to work either in their homes or back in the office, it is necessary for all of us to embrace the ‘New Normal’.

With less opportunity in many cases to get up and move – whether because of the 2 metre social distancing rule in our office spaces or because we are working from home, – ensuring comfortability whilst at our desks is more significant than ever.

From footstools and monitor arms right through to the desks and chairs we use to create our workstations, we can modify and furnish our space to encourage dynamic working when moving is limited. There are a number of exercises we can perform from our chairs to assist in keeping us active and you can see some of these below. Investing in an ergonomically-friendly chair is a must to keep us comfortable and to help us to maintain activity whilst working.

Aside from movement, making time to take breaks to look away from our screens is imperative. Research has found that it has become quite normal for homeworkers to skip breaks without the routine of the office in place and, that counter-intuitively this can actually mean productivity levels being hindered as we tire without giving our eyes and bodies the opportunity to rest at regular intervals. As a rule of thumb, try incorporating work-based exercises and comfort breaks into your day for 5-10 minutes of every working hour. This would also be a good moment to top up on fluids in order to stay hydrated. Whether a caffeine boost or a healthy glass of water, your productivity will increase and tiredness will diminish when following these guidelines.

 Ideally, our workspaces should be well-ventilated and have as much natural light as possible to keep our moods lifted and to improve our well-being in general, as well as to look after our environment by using less electricity for lighting or air cooling systems. Lack of light can vastly increase eye strain as well as headaches and it is best, where natural light is not available, to work under 6500k fluorescent bulbs which mimic daylight, or a low-intensity bulb directly lighting the desk can be useful. Too much light can also be a problem so finding that balance is crucial.

To further discuss any of the above and to make sure you are working healthily, happily, and ergonomically, contact our team on 01579 324174.

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