The benefits of sit stand working

Posted by Lauren on November 28th 2016 - Latest News, Product Reviews

It is becoming increasingly well known that having the option of being able to switch between sitting and standing has some huge benefits, not least overcoming workplace discomfort and increasing workplace productivity.

It doesn’t take a scientist (although there is plenty of research out there for those of us that like the detail) to deduce that sitting for long periods of time without moving is going to give us health issues. No matter how active you are outside of the workplace, long sedentary periods whilst at work can lead to health hazards.

For this reason, sit stand desks and sit stand tables are becoming increasingly popular.

Initially these working options were viewed by some as a potential novelty, but this has proven not to be the case. A continuous sitting position serious limits the variations in movement that are key to maintaining a healthy work position. Re positioning your body posture and weight balance is extremely key to maintaining posture that is not stressful to your body.

The pressure on your lower back that is associated with sitting is also obviously reduced when you are standing. When we move from sitting to standing, we have an inclination to stress when doing so; this instant reduced bodily stresses and pressures and encourages blood flow.

For those of us working behind a screen all day, it is all so easy to miss taking breaks and rarely move around the office no matter how much we are encouraged to do so. A sit stand desk enables all of the benefits of bodily movement you would otherwise get but with a lot less interruption.

Healthy workers are more efficient workers; therefore sit stand desks and sit stand tables are a must in any office.

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