Summer holiday fun

Posted by Lauren on July 28th 2016 - Latest News

Well, summer holiday fun is upon us and lots done already this week despite some pretty wet weather down here in Cornwall.

Last week I promised the rest of my set of planning tips for the holidays, so here’s to taking the stress out of organising the holidays:

8. Catch up with friends
Organise days out with friends that your kids don’t get a chance to see during term time due to being in different schools. We usually meet up at the beach or at a park so we can spend a few hours together and have lots of fun!.. Currently, a group us are planning a trip to a local wood for a picnic and den building session; should be fun.

9. Give time for down time!
We can easily fall into the trap of thinking that we need to be doing something ‘exciting’ with the kids everyday. Time and attention doesn’t need to be thrill seeking, expensive or exhausting. Plan some down-time days where you stay at home and watch films (homemade popcorn is a must of course!!). School is tiring and children need a bit of relaxation time to recharge!

10. Set a budget and stick to it
I mentioned last week involving the kids in planning the week so they know what’s happening when and feel part of the process. Set a budget for the week and talk to your children about how they want to spend it.

It is good for older children, like mine, to be involved in realising how much things cost and let them help plan the week. They then learn the value of money and they should enjoy the activities because they have had input.

11. Enjoy nature
Take a nature trail in the park or woods, or a sealife trail on a beach or coastal path. Create a list of different things for the kids to collect along the way, you’ll be amazed how older ones will join in; and then younger ones can turn them into a collage when you get home! Great outdoor fun with interactive ideas along the way… and another activity planned for home later.

12. Books in school holidays!?
Check out your local library; kids are used to reading at school and libraries often have summer reading challenges to sign up for. As well as their own activities, they should have a copy of primary times (a free magazine with event listings in your local area) or even a noticeboard for events going on in your area.

13. Hit the cinema on a budget
Many cinemas offer morning movie screenings at weekends and in school holidays for a fraction of the normal ticket price. To keep costs down even further make your own snack packs with popcorn, a carton of juice and a treat included, happy days!

14. Plan ahead
Collect craft and baking supplies throughout the year for different activities. Bookmark websites that have great crafty ideas or print out craft ideas and recipes so that you can use them during the holidays. Keep them in a file and you’ll have instant activities on hand.

Hope everyone will enjoy a great summer break at some point during the holidays…

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