Planning your workplace kitchen

Posted by Lauren on January 24th 2017 - Latest News

All too often the workplace kitchen is hidden away in a dark corner of the business. Old school business mentality was ‘the less appealing the kitchen area, the less time staff will spend there and more time at their desks’.

In today’s modern working environment, everything has switched. When you are at home, the kitchen area is often the hub of the home where family members collaborate and plan. So, with this in mind, why shouldn’t the same be true of a kitchen in the workplace.

Forward thinking employers are well aware that the right kitchen area for their small business can fuel staff creativity and collaborative behaviours, and in general improve workplace culture.

Aesthetically exciting environments can be elegant and include tables, chairs, stools, soft furnishings and planters to invite causal conversation.

You don’t have to go to the expense of a complete refurbishment to accomplish a complete transformation of your workplace kitchen area and make it a happier place.

Free drinks always go down well! Free refreshments are always seen as a great perk by staff and gives a feeling of teamwork and care from an employer. A fridge with milk and water, together with a kettle and selection of teas and coffees will always be well received.

No doubt some members of your team will be coming to work straight from the gym; why not add a bowl stocked with fresh fruit to show them that you are interested in their health and wellbeing. In fact, why not go one stage further and include a toaster to make a morning snack or a healthy lunch.

Add some comfy soft furnishings and tables and chairs as they will give the employees the change to engage with one another and discuss projects and issues that need resolving.

Make sure you create a workplace kitchen area that is a kitchen people can actually use. Think cups, cutlery, plates etc. and don’t forget cleaning equipment and towels to ensure people keep the area clean and tidy.

Remember that protecting the environment is very important and encourage your staff to embrace this with recycling bins and eco conscious supplies.

You can maximise natural light and bring the outside in by bringing plants and nature into the workplace. The benefits are dual purpose as a sense of wellbeing will be promoted whilst also adding colour into the business.

Make sure the walls of your kitchen area are lively and interesting; don’t restrict decoration to a Health and Safety poster! The more relaxing the area feels, the more revived and energised your staff will feel when they return to their workspace.

Of course, aside from these ideas, there are times when a complete overhaul is needed and a complete office refit needs to be planned, designed and installed. Our division Adrian Core Bespoke Furniture specialises in these areas as well as installing kitchens you have purchased from other suppliers.

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