One chair, many possibilities…

Posted by Lauren on July 7th 2016 - Latest News

One chair, many possibilities… That is Keyn (also Cornish for ‘back’!); being office furniture specialists, based in Cornwall, we were delighted with the name of Herman Miller’s latest range of seating.

Product Story
London designers Forpeople have created the Keyn Chair Group as range of meeting and side chairs.  The chair group gives responsive movement and immediate comfort for collaborative spaces. Four universal key parts are incorporated into every model in the group, thus retaining the same visual appeal. Keyn’s CradleFlex movement responds to shifts in posture, reclining up to 10 degrees for extra comfort.

A Sitting Solution
It is human nature to lose attention, become tired and disengage from the task in hand when you are not comfortable; especially in meetings. Herman Miller worked with Forpeople to address this problem in creating the Keyn Chair Group. People’s sitting habits and movements were analysed during long periods of time in meeting and collaborative spaces to assist with the design process.

Responsive Movement
Keyn has a CradleFlex movement system that moves and responds to your body as you shift your seating position; this system has now been successfully patented. It effortlessly reclines up to 10 degrees whilst simultaneously allowing the seat to move forward. You remain comfortable and therefore focussed on your job with every variant of the Keyn Chair Group as each supports your changes in posture with the same CradleFlex movement.

Immediate Comfort
Instant comfort is offered with Keyn as its sculpted back remains in constant contact with your spine.

Universally Elegant
One of Forpeople’s main design objectives was to ensure that every variant of the Keyn Chair Group retain the same aesthetic appeal. This was achieved by using four key universal parts as previously mentioned, these key parts being: the base, the cradle, the seat shell and a choice of fabric or leather upholstery options. The chairs are complimented by a detailed pattern that contributes to their lightweight construction as well providing ventilation to help you remain cool.

One Chair, Many Personalities
The Keyn Chair Group maintains versatility in appearance through the use of three different base, four-leg, cantilever and four-star. These are combined with shells and frames and a choice of material finishes. Currently, only seat upholstery is available, but later in the year half and full back upholstery options will be rolled out across the entire range.

Flexibility can be achieved by changing the base, finish and upholstery, meaninh that the  Keyn Chair Group can be adapted for use in a café, meeting room, workshop space or boardroom. Whatever the model, every chair retains the same immediate comfort and responsive movement. Its countless number of combinations ensures Keyn complements Herman Miller’s existing seating, from Studio 7.5’s Mirra 2 Chair through to Stumpf and Chadwick’s iconic Aeron Chair.


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