Monday, Monday, so good to me…

Posted by Lauren on July 11th 2016 - Latest News

Monday, Monday, so good to me…

But it’s not the same for everyone; in fact most sick days are taken on Mondays. So, why is Monday a moody day for so many people?

It’s pretty obvious that it could be a bit of an anti climax after a fun weekend with family and friends, but is that really the reason for ‘Monday blues’?… Perhaps not.

Very often, its not the feeling of going back to work that makes us negative (if it is then perhaps its time to rethink your job), it’s simply emotional cycles that determine our ‘biological’ moods throughout the course of a week.

So, if you are a sufferer of Monday Monday Blues, what can you do to minimise the effects and make it like “every other day of the week thats fine”.

1. Do something fun on Monday Nights
If you’re a Monday morning misery, what is it that keeps you going from Monday until Friday? Weekends!

You’d probably be thinking about the weekend getaway with family and friends, daydreaming about the sea breeze and the golden sandy beaches that awaits your arrival; no doubt these thoughts would help make the time pass faster… (Until you look out of the window and admire our great British summer; even for those of us living in Cornwall the golden sandy beaches are somewhat damp!)

Regardless of the weather, the same theory thus, should also apply to your Mondays. Plan something for after work so that you have something to look forward to. It is probably just the start of a hard week ahead, so you deserve an exciting event at the end of the working day to keep you motivated.

If you think you’re going to be too tired for a night out, consider doing something relaxing at home.

If you make it a habit to go home to relax every Monday evening, you’ll soon see the benefits; it will become a day that you’ll look forward to. Monday doesn’t have to be the most painful day of the week; it is only so, if you focus on it.

2. Prepare Monday’s Work on Friday
This one seems like common sense, but people just don’t seem to take it seriously. It is a case of instant gratification versus delayed gratification. Yes, Friday is the day  before the weekend, but that isn’t a reason to mentally ‘close shop’ at midday and start thinking through your plans for the weekend.

If you do, what will be the result? You leave Friday’s work to pick up on Monday, and face a double whammy when you return to work after the weekend… another reason to dread Mondays, and one that is totally avoidable.

Planning ahead can help you cope with Mondays and maintain your productivity levels for the rest of the week.

3. Socialise
Humans are social animals, even if you don’t think you are before 11am and three coffees!

Even if you like to keep yourself to yourself most of the time, you still need some social contact once in a while. Engaging in a conversation stimulates the mind enough to actually kick-start it for the day. If you dive straight into your work the moment you reach the office, chances are that your brain is still trying to ‘wake up’. Like a car engine, your brain needs to warm up before it can function optimally.

4. Accept It
Monday blues is like an Chinese burn in the playground; the more you struggle, the tighter it gets. In other words, fighting the blues only makes it worse.

Think about it, if you’re already finding Monday a miserable day and you’re still thinking of ways to stop yourself feeling that way… That could only exhaust you further. Why not go with the flow and cope with the stress?

You quickly won’t even remember that Mondays are supposed to be blue… It’s just the day after the weekend when we all return to work.

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