It’s Random Act of Kindness Day… Take it to work!

Posted by Lauren on February 17th 2017 - Latest News

All the time, we hear about performing random acts of kindness, like buying a worthy stranger a drink, or cutting your neighbour’s grass whilst they are on holiday.

It’s easy to forget to think about our workplace as a great place for a little extra unexpected kindness, but here’s some easy ideas:

  • Bring in snacks or cakes to share with your colleagues.
  • Clean up a space that’s not your job to keep clean.
  • Compliment someone on their efforts.
  • Make sure you hold the door open for colleagues and deliveries.
  • Strike up conversation with a colleague you haven’t talked to before.
  • Endorse someones key skills on their LinkedIn profile.
  • Give colleagues advice and support.
  • Offer to do a tea/coffee round for the office.
  • Give someone a ride to or from work.
  • Get your colleagues involved in your acts of kindness…

It may be Random Act of Kindness Day today, but why stop there?… Why not try doing one random act of kindness at work one day every week…

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