Ideas for a more enjoyable life in the office

Posted by Lauren on August 4th 2017 - Latest News

Many of us spend the vast majority of our week in the office behind a desk, so it is important to make the working environment harmonious and one that people will enjoy. Here’s a few simple tips  to help create an atmosphere that will boost moods and motivation, and in turn improve productivity; going to work in an office doesn’t need to be heavy going…

Be a ‘TEA’m player!

You may be the kind of person that really doesn’t enjoy hot drinks, but if you are part of a team then make a drink for everyone else every now and again. You may just find that your attitude will spread among the team.

There are also potential financial benefits for the company you work for; just think how much energy is wasted from boiling kettles just to make one drink. Therefore a tea round is not only a great way of promoting team spirit, but it can also help tackle ever rising energy prices.

Show an interest in your colleagues’ work

When you find yourself asking a colleague a question to do with work, process the information and retain it… It will help you to develop a deeper understanding of the workings  of other parts of the business that you work in. This has got to be a win win situation; your knowledge will improve and the potential for improved service delivery to your customers increases.

Communicate with your team mates and your customers

Another great idea is to start a company newsletter; you can draw upon experience and expertise from around the business to create it. Producing a newsletter just four times a year is not too arduous and it will promote team spirit.

If written in the right way, a newsletter may also prove to be an excellent marketing tool for your business if it can be shared with customers; it can keep them up to date with your business developments and will encourage repeat business by bringing your name in front of your customers.

Make the most out of your lunch breaks

Don’t just sit at your desk beavering away and demolishing the leftovers of your previous night’s dinner all through your lunch breaks. Get out and about, if only for a short while, and see if your workmates fancy going out for a walk; outside of the formal working environment it will probably be much easier to get to know your workmates as friends.

Does your employer provide anything inside the office itself for entertainment? If their space (and budget) allows there might be space for a dartboard or a table tennis table? A quick 15 minute game with someone could well be a great way to relax briefly and switch off from the working day and its associated pressures. It’s another great way to build relationships to workmates too.

Don’t be afraid to have an opinion

If a colleague asks you for an opinion or feedback, then don’t be afraid to be honest; nine times out of ten it will be best for everyone! If you are able to contribute an opinion that is helpful and constructive, then this is usually what your workmate is looking for; that’s why they are asking you. Sugar coating things will probably just end in more work for someone in the long run.

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