How to lose weight in an office job…

Posted by Lauren on July 5th 2016 - Latest News

Working behind a desk on a daily basis means it is easy to become engrossed in work and adopt a sedentary daily lifestyle; this can be damaging to our health in many ways… especially our waistlines! However, we do not have to leave ourselves at risk if we decide to make a conscious effort to change a few things. In fact, keeping healthy whilst undertaking a desk job really doesn’t have to be that difficult… So let’s consider how to lose weight in an office job…

How about these 5 ideas:

Be ‘drink aware’:
Fizzy drinks, mochas, lattes, energy drinks… whatever you’re drinking, if it’s not water then it is nowhere near as healthy for you as it could be.

All of these kinds of drinks will certainly increase your calories intake, but they will also contribute to other ailments such as dental issues and damage to your digestive system.

Drinks that are high in sugar and caffeine will cause your energy and thought processes to to spike and dip, and in fact decrease your productivity overall.

I like the way you move:
Yes, it’s sit-stand again… We have covered this topic previously, but the subject of sit-stand workstations is very important and one that we at Design Office Solutions take heed of in our own working environments.

Standing and moving around in your work brings a multitude of benefits. It burns additional calories, assists posture and improves your metabolism.

Anyone who had a heart…:
…and wants to keep it healthy will know that vending machines rarely hold stock of anything that could be labelled as ‘nutritionally beneficial’.

Just like the sugary drinks I mentioned earlier, most vending ‘offerings’ are not only bursting with sugar, but also other colours, flavourings and preservatives. These will only satisfy short term ‘hunger pangs’ but not provide healthy nutrition.

Don’t give snacks a miss completely but bring them from home and make them balanced and healthy… Perhaps some cut up some extra veggies when preparing dinner the night before.

Lunch in:
Make yourself up a healthy packed lunch at home the night before when you are not starving hungry, and are in more of a mindset to eat healthily. This will assist you in making smarter choices and avoid dashes to the canteen or nearest shop to ‘top up‘ when you are craving something to calm your growling stomach.

Come up for air:
Get away from your desk at lunchtimes and get some much needed fresh air; a little increased heart rate from a few quick steps around the local area will increase oxygen intake and blood flow. A short walk in the open air will improve your thought processes, and provide benefits to your muscles, heart and lungs… You might even find yourself losing a pound or two if the great British summer ever arrives; and all from working behind a desk!

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