“Get up offa that thing”

Posted by Lauren on May 3rd 2016 - Latest News

Friday’s National ‘On Your Feet Britain’ Challenge dared workforces around the UK to take James Brown at his word and “Get up offa that thing” by converting ‘sitting time’ to ‘standing time’… Did you take part?

Following some simple changes it’s easier than you think…

– Stand during phone calls
– Stand and take a break from your computer every 30 minutes
– Use the stairs rather than the lift
– Move between different work zones and environments
– Have standing meetings
– Eat your lunch away from your desk
– Walk to your colleague’s desk instead of phoning or emailing them
– Stand at the back of the room during presentations

The campaign set out to challenge the fact that, on average, office workers sit for 10 hours a day.

Growing international scientific research evidence concludes that excessive and prolonged sitting (irrespective of your level of physical activity) can lead to increased risks of: Heart disease, Diabetes (T2), Mental Health, Cancers, Backache, Thrombosis, Obesity and Muscle degeneration.

In fact, sitting for hours at a desk has been likened to smoking; it can lead to cardiovascular disease, type to diabetes, and mental health problems.

An article in the Evening Standard last week featured HÅG who have been developing, producing and marketing original office chairs since 1943. Their brand is among the leaders in Europe and HÅG products are available virtually anywhere in the world.

HÅG was mentioned as a brand which brings more movement into your office life due to its unique mechanism and centrally paced tilting point, and the HÅG SoFi Chair was featured.

See the full article below:

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