Creating a welcoming reception area

Posted by Lauren on August 15th 2017 - Latest News

A reception area is an absolute must for customer facing business, and it will form the all important first impression for new customers. You can ensure that you are forming the right impression the moment someone walks in the door by making your reception are professional but welcoming and friendly.

Here are a few ideas for making sure that your reception area makes impact; and the right impact:

Make sure the space is clean and tidy

Your reception area is your opening statement to your customers, and as such needs to reflect your professionalism, high standards and attention to detail.

Is your reception comfortable for all?

This means that your reception should be equally welcoming and comfortable for customers and for the staff manning the area.

Comfort is key to giving a sense of quality and professionalism; this is where your customers will be waiting to see you and thinking about their business with you.

As stated previously, it is essential to think about the seating that your staff will have at the reception area too; a great task chair can create the perfect professional image as well as providing the right levels of comfort and support.

Make your reception warm and welcoming

This is a little outside of the bounds of furniture; a welcoming reception will only be achieved by staff running it – they will be the first human interaction your customers have when they enter your business.

Make sure that your staff greet your customers with a hearty welcome, and continue to interact and look after them while they wait. A organised receptionist can also help the rest of the team keep organised by efficiently passing on messages and monitoring any other arrangements that they are overseeing.

After friendly staff comes decor; you don’t want to give the impression of clutter, but small details such as quality ornaments, clocks and lighting can do lots to enhance first impressions of your business.

We supply a range of reception solutions, from modular pieces to bespoke commissions created in house by our Adrian Core Bespoke Furniture division. We also have access to a huge range of soft furnishings and office accessories and are always happy to give help and advice should you need it.

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