Copy Cats Beware

Posted by Lauren on May 17th 2016 - Latest News
We were pleased to hear of further improvements to copyright protection that have been announced, so copy cats beware.
The Intellectual Property protection rulings which apply for 25 years after the death of an artist or composer are being extended to product designers too; but will apply for 70 years after the designer’s death.
The changes, being brought in line with Europe, were due be brought into force in April, but have now been delayed until July.
There will be a six-month period, until January, for those stocking copycat versions of products to dispose of them, as long as they were manufactured or imported before October.
Any companies found selling or manufacturing stock after January next year leave themselves with the potential of facing criminal charges.
These are welcomed as positive steps towards respecting the integrity and work of designers around the world, past and present.
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