Boss Design Dealership

Posted by Lauren on June 11th 2015 - Latest News

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected as a main distributor for Boss Design Group. Boss Design is a successful international operation with global production capabilities. The company manufactures in four continents, with plans for further expansion, and has an international supply chain servicing more than thirty countries.The business has attracted a prestigious client base, which includes many high profile and international blue-chip organisations. They boast a enviable reputation in the industry for making elegant, high quality products which we are also passionate about.

Boss Design ranges consist of seating, table and Pod products. The large range of seating products covers all areas of your office spaces, including breakout and reception areas, task and visitor seating, meeting and conference areas. They offer tables suitable for all meeting, breakout and canteen environments. With options of flip top tables for convenient storage and castors for maneuverability. We are very excited about their acoustic pod and seating systems which we believe will be very popular with our clients and the workspaces in the future. One of Boss’s most popular chairs is the Boss Lily Chair, this chair offers a high level of comfort at a very reasonable price. The Lily chair is available as a task chair and a visitor chair (that also stacks) and has many ergonomic benefits. The Lily chair is incredibly user friendly alongside its ergonomic appeal. Boss Design offer a very innovative product called the CEGA, it is totally symmetrical in form and boasts large acoustic properties. The Cega comprises a Tubular construction that features an advanced internal heat welded vertical fluted upholstery. Its contoured design has been intentionally developed to reduce peripheral vision and external noise to give a quiet booth area and 360 degree swivel unit for added privacy, to provide a more personal touchdown space for informal meeting areas.

We look forward to promoting this product range and working with Boss Design.

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