Ok Monday, let’s do this… No more Monday Blues!

Posted by Lauren on July 24th 2017 - Latest News

Well today is Monday, and for many of us it’s our day to return to work after the weekend.

Your weekend has probably been a fun time of doing things you wanted to do including leisure time and time with your family… even getting the domestic chores completed along the way seems easier at weekends.

All of our days off go way too fast, and if you’re not careful you’ll be back in work and you’ll be feeling miserable… It happens to us all from time to time,  but if you’re finding this a regular occurrence, then you have one thing under your control that you can change… You!.. Mondayitis is a mindset, and only you can break it.

Here are a few simple steps that can be huge strides toward avoiding unnecessary Monday Blues:

Plan as much of Monday as possible the Friday before:
If you’ve got some jobs you’re dreading, then leaving them until the following week is not going to help make them any better. Get through as much of the tough stuff as you can on Friday, and prepare yourself some notes ready for the following week to ensure you remember where you left off.

Hit your relaxation zone early on Sunday:
Get into bed at a good hour on Sunday so that you know you stand a good chance of waking up refreshed and ready for the week ahead. Our brains all need rest to function, so do your bit to help.

Ditch the snooze button:
Letting the alarm go off and then endlessly reaching for the ‘snooze’ button is a sure recipe for starting the day feeling groggy and struggling to function.

You can’t stop the beat:
A little music goes a long way towards a good mood; it encourages the release of endorphins (mood enhancing chemicals) in the brain. You can’t sit feeling grumpy when you’re battling the urge to sing and dance; ditch the break up tunes and work along to some feel good tracks.

Hangry won’t help:
Skipping breakfast is a little like hitting the self-destruct button, especially on a Monday; starting the week with a bit of gusto needs fuel! Get your metabolism and energy levels fired up with a hearty breakfast… In other words ditch the stodge and tuck into a breakfast that will get you feeling energised.

Exercise doesn’t have to be all consuming:
Don’t let ‘Manic Monday’ be the excuse you’re looking for to avoid your ambitions of maintaining an exercise routine. The start of the week is always a little more chaotic, but getting out of bed half an hour earlier is all you need to get yourself energised with a short cardio routine.

Make lunch an event:
You are meant to enjoy your food, and there is no reason for Monday to be any kind of an exception to this rule… Prepare or buy yourself something delicious to look forward to during the morning, and take a break with a friendly co-worker to relax and escape for a break. A little bit of the right social interaction can work wonders on your mood.

Make after work plans:
Getting through your day shouldn’t be your only goal on a Monday, ensure you make some after-work plans so that you have something to look forward to. Be realistic, it might not be a quiet drink in a bar, or ‘me time’ if you have other demands, but there’s no excuse not to spend half and hour doing something you’ll enjoy. This could be playing the kids favourite game with them, going for a walk, having a family chat over dinner or simply sitting and watching a favourite TV show.

 At the end of the day, we’re all only human and will all have bad days, or even bad weeks. But, always try to remember that there are ways to help keep these days at bay, and do what you can to help and support those around you to remain positive when they need it.

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