Modern workplaces are constantly changing and evolving

Posted by Lauren on May 4th 2017 - Latest News

Modern workplaces are constantly changing and evolving, and developments in workspace thinking concentrate on staff wellbeing as well as bottom line profit for the business.

If this style of thinking is in at the forefront in your workplace then staff morale, a great office culture and productivity can only be on the rise.

So, what are popular trends?


Open plan offices have been commonplace for a long time now, are and living proof of how obstacles can be overcome. Gone are the days viewing open plan working as a negative due to reasons such as noise distractions and a lack of privacy.

It is now widely accepted that the team dynamics of varying personalities around the office can bring out the best results, and open plan working assists with this. Open plan can ease the sense of hierarchy sometimes apparent in workplaces, and people can communicate and discuss issues amongst their team in an open environment and potentially spend less time in meetings.


Agile working spaces are popular and are regularly part of a ‘zoning’ culture in the workplace. They offer other areas to employees during their working day for tasks that give lend themselves to a more relaxed environment.


An emphasis on work/life balance has never been more prolific in the workplace. Remote working is sometimes an option for helping to achieve this; time can be saved from avoiding unnecessary travel time when work can be completed either at home, or closer to home.

One of the best ways to assist with work/life balance, especially for working parents, is flexible working hours. If a an employee is able to fit their working hours around family or other commitments it will enable them to focus on their work time without distraction.

What other ideas do you have for an evolving workplace?

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