What are the benefits of using a monitor stand?

Posted by Lauren on December 1st 2016 - Latest News, Product Reviews

In today’s society, it is pretty unlikely that you will not use a computer of some description on a daily basis, be it a tablet, a lap top or a standard desktop.

It makes no difference what you are using your device for, it could be work or simply keeping up with your nearest and dearest on social media; the fact of the matter is that you are unlikely to hop onto a computer for just a few minutes.

Just two hours spent at a computer screen without moving is far from great for our bodies as we are not built to remain in a seated position for long periods. Therefore, those of us working at computers are likely to spend eight hours or more sat at a desk and are putting our bodies under enormous strain.

The benefits of monitor stands are numerous, and can offer health benefits too; it is therefore likely that without the use of one we are opening ourselves up to aches and pains developing.

Monitor stands can play a pivotal role in your working experience, as a good one will help you to maintain correct posture and improve your overall working comfort; it will keep your screen at the correct height without straining your neck.

Monitor stands not only have great ergonomic qualities, but they also help to enhance the general aesthetics of your desk space, and can can improve organisation of you desk.

At Design Office Solutions we offer a number of monitor stand solutions for both single and dual monitors. We also have other solutions such as the Humanscale Quickstand and the Humanscale Quickstand Lite that go a stage further towards a more advanced sit stand desk at an affordable price.

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