Making your office chair more comfortable

Posted by Lauren on October 28th 2016 - Latest News

When it comes to sitting, everyone has their own favourite office chair; but there are always ways of making your office chair more comfortable.

At the end of the day, despite all of the characterics and features available on the perfect ergonomic office chair, the most important thing is that it is the most comfortable office chair and just ‘feels right’ for you.

Unfortunately, for many people the best office chair isn’t necessarily the one that they will have to sit in. Your chair may be dictated by a corporate colour scheme, or even worse, you may inherit the use of a chair from a co-worker.

With this in mind, here are some tips on how to make your office chair more comfortable… and most of them cost nothing:

Are you sitting comfortably?
Sit up, sit straight and sit tall. Sitting correctly goes a long way towards alleviating many unnecessary aches and pains from poor positioning. Before you set to work on checking the chair… check yourself.

Adjust the chair correctly for you.
How often do you arrive at your desk and sit straight down engrossed in your monitor?  Take a few moments and sit still to check all of the all the ergonomic features of your office chair; the height, the seat, the arms and the back.  Even with the greatest care, daily usage is likely to caused these adjustments to be knocked out of alignment from time to time.

Think about additional back support
It is possible to purchase lumber supports that attach to the back of your existing chair. These are designed to fit the shaping of your spine and support your back where it is needed. A number of ergonomic office chairs have adjustable lumbar support built into the design of the chair as a feature.

Adjustable Arms
Office chair arms can easily be forgotten, they they are essential in providing support to your arms and preventing tight shoulders.

Is the chair designed for you?
None of us are built exactly the same as one another. If you are exceptionally tall or perhaps particularly petite in your frame, there are chairs designed to for you. Have you got the best chair available for your height and size? Or, are there other alternatives available around your office that would be better suited to you.

Replace your Chair
Okay, so this one can’t be achieved without cost. But, If you’ve exhausted the options on this list and still can’t find the comfort you need to sit during the the working day, then maybe it’s time for a new chair.

Also: Sit Down, Stand Up
Another alternative to finding a comfortable working position is to consider an option such as a height adjustable desk. These can be adjusted depending on the project you are  currently working on; you can sit or stand while you work.

Hopefully these tips will go some way towards making your office chair more comfortable… Happy and comfortable staff make productive staff… Taking short breaks to get up, change your routine and move are also beneficial to your health.

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