10 great ideas for your home office

Posted by Lauren on November 7th 2016 - Home Office, Latest News

There are many benefits to creating your own home office including the ability to better juggle work and family commitments, and avoid the hustle and bustle of the journeys to/from ‘the office’.

But, when starting for the first time, there is also the exciting prospect of designing a home office space for yourself. One that you’ll love to work in and that will make you really productive in your new space.

Before you get started though, it’s worth considering these 10 ideas:

Getting inspiration from Pinterest

Pinterest is wonderful for inspiration, but don’t forget that ‘looking fabulous’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘feeling fabulous’… That great looking upholstered side chair may look fantastic, but will it really support your back?

Think about colour schemes; bright, vibrant colours may look brilliant online or in magazines, but will they really fit into your home in a way that you want to face on a daily basis? Consider if more muted tones might better collaborate working and living.

The ideal home office must be functional first and aesthetic second.

Stay healthy

Many people make the mistake of choosing a home office desk first, and then a home office chair. Think about this though; you are going to spend several hours a day sat in your chair and therefore a comfortable ergonomic office chair is a must.

That doesn’t mean you should forget about office ergonomics though. You should aim to keep the top of your screen at eye level; keep your shoulders relaxed and your arms at a 90 degree bend. Your lower back needs to be correctly supported by adjusting your chair; your feet should be flat to the floor and your legs should be supported and bent at a comfortable 90 degree angle too.

Invest in a chair that you love sitting in; without this basic comfort you will not embrace your home office surroundings.

Natural light is best

It is easy to grab a spot against a wall for your home office, possibly in a dark corner to surround yourself with pin boards… Don’t though.

Why not place your home office desk in front of a window… this will give you the benefit of natural light and the opportunity to seek inspiration from outside surroundings.

Don’t leave yourself in the dark

Don’t forget though, you are going to need additional office lighting for the dark days; house lights are likely to be inadequate for a work environment.

Office storage solutions can be stylish

Let’s face it, office filing cabinets are never going to rank as the most attractive office filing solution; especially in a home office environment. However, there are plenty of shelving and cabinet alternatives available that will keep you tidy and organised in your work.

Get comfy in your home office

So, you’ve chosen an area for your home office, and you’re well on the way to thinking through your office chair, office desk and home office storage requirements.

However, a great home office will include a soft furnishing area for you to sit and read or just think too.

Add greenery

Bring the outside indoors with some plants; they’re known to make people feel happier and are a rarity in a conventional office.

Personalise with care

Don’t fill your work space with things that will distract you; and don’t let ornaments or pictures become static furniture… Rotate them regularly and include things that will motivate you to succeed and progress.

Hide away the bits you don’t like!

It’s your home office, but remember it’s still your home so take the time to hide away unsightly trailing cables and make use of cable management systems.

Also, if you want to keep minimalistic in your surroundings hide away anything you need to use but don’t necessarily like the look of like printers and scanners.

Keep on top of stationery

Remember, you are your own boss and you need to keep on top of what you need; you don’t want to waste precious work time shooting out for supplies. Keep a good supply of all the basics like pens, scissors, paper and stamps in place and order replacements as stocks get low.

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