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At Design Office Solutions we take our responsibility to looking after the environment very seriously. We endeavor to make sure our day to day business doesn’t have an adverse and damaging impact on this world we all live in and help to sustain the environment for future generations.

With this in mind we do not (and shall not) deal with any suppliers who flaunt the use of non sustainable materials. We vet and rigorously check our manufacturers to make sure they use only sustainable products and methods of production which have the least impact on the environment.

We recycle all packaging materials that are recyclable and dispose of other waste safely and cleanly. We assess and plan delivery routes to have the least impact on the environment with emissions in mind. Only making trips where necessary and combining multiple deliveries where possible.

When on site we keep noise pollution down to the absolute minimum and often carry out noisy work back at our premises where we can control it. All unwanted paper products and printer cartridges in our offices are also recycled. At Core Office Systems we all passionately care about the caring for the world we live in and will do our utmost to promote environmentally sound working practices.

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