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Summer holiday fun

Posted by Lauren on July 28th 2016 - Latest News

Well, summer holiday fun is upon us and lots done already this week despite some pretty wet weather down here in Cornwall. Last week I promised the rest of my set of planning tips for the holidays, so here’s to taking the stress out of organising the holidays: 8. Catch up with friends Organise days out


School’s Out for Summer

Posted by Lauren on July 22nd 2016 - Latest News

School’s Out for Summer now until September (August for our Scottish customers) and if you’re wondering what to do to keep little hands and minds busy, its time for some ideas to take the pressure off and ensure that a good time is had by all. Its annual leave time here at the office and so I


Monday, Monday, so good to me…

Posted by Lauren on July 11th 2016 - Latest News

Monday, Monday, so good to me… But it’s not the same for everyone; in fact most sick days are taken on Mondays. So, why is Monday a moody day for so many people? It’s pretty obvious that it could be a bit of an anti climax after a fun weekend with family and friends, but


One chair, many possibilities…

Posted by Lauren on July 7th 2016 - Latest News

One chair, many possibilities… That is Keyn (also Cornish for ‘back’!); being office furniture specialists, based in Cornwall, we were delighted with the name of Herman Miller’s latest range of seating. Product Story London designers Forpeople have created the Keyn Chair Group as range of meeting and side chairs.  The chair group gives responsive movement


How to lose weight in an office job…

Posted by Lauren on July 5th 2016 - Latest News

Working behind a desk on a daily basis means it is easy to become engrossed in work and adopt a sedentary daily lifestyle; this can be damaging to our health in many ways… especially our waistlines! However, we do not have to leave ourselves at risk if we decide to make a conscious effort to change a few


How to stay productive in the workplace…

Posted by Lauren on June 30th 2016 - Latest News

Staying productive in the workplace can be a challenge at times; phonecalls, emails and meetings all have their place but can in themselves be interruptions. Your chances of staying focused can be greatly improved by taking a few simple steps to lighten your workload. It can also help greatly to assess your workspaces and make


Overwhelmed or threatened by the thought of change?

Posted by Lauren on June 20th 2016 - Latest News

Everyone is hesitant of change; in any environment. As business owners and leaders though we need to ensure we continue to make effective, informed decisions even if we feel overwhelmed or threatened by the thought of change. It often takes people a while to ‘get their heads around’ what changes will mean to them. So,


Being a working dad for the first time.

Posted by Lauren on June 16th 2016 - Latest News

Working in the office today I received a message that my eldest child (well, more young adult) had been taken poorly. She’s fine thankfully, but the incident made me rethink the content for my office blog today as it brought back a conversation a few weeks ago. My friend and his partner have their first


Creating the right environment in the office

Posted by Lauren on June 15th 2016 - Latest News, Product Reviews

Smart organisations understand that their primary goal is to enhance the performance of their people. People are the engine that keep companies growing, adapting, improving and innovating; creating the right environment in the office is key to this.   Given the nature of today’s work processes, how can your workplace better support human performance? How


Do you buy into a brand, or the people behind it?

Posted by Lauren on June 13th 2016 - Latest News

Do you buy into a brand, or the people behind it? Let me explain what I mean… What is a brand? When you buy a Coca-Cola, you do not buy it because it has an iconic red and white swirly logo, you buy it because you associate it with quality, opulence and longevity in the