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How to manage working from home in the school holidays…

Posted by Lauren on July 31st 2017 - Home Office, Latest News

Having a job where you can work from home has so many benefits; no commuting and lots of peace and quiet to help with focus… until now of course, the school holidays are upon us! If you are the one in charge of childcare as well as the one working from home, then you may


Creating a Home Office space

Posted by Lauren on July 13th 2017 - Home Office

More and more of us are making use of an area at home to incorporate a study. It could be needed for working from home or for doing home admin tasks, either way clever use of space is likely to be key. Many of us do not have the luxury of a dedicated room that


10 great ideas for your home office

Posted by Lauren on November 7th 2016 - Home Office, Latest News

There are many benefits to creating your own home office including the ability to better juggle work and family commitments, and avoid the hustle and bustle of the journeys to/from ‘the office’. But, when starting for the first time, there is also the exciting prospect of designing a home office space for yourself. One that


Creating a great home office solution

Posted by Lauren on May 9th 2016 - Home Office, Latest News

Some business people do their work every day at their business address; others work in less structured spaces, or while on the train visiting clients. However, many ‘solopreneurs’ work days happen at home, and we have therefore put together some great tips for making the most efficient home office environment. For anyone who has done


Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Posted by Andrew on May 21st 2015 - Home Office

Working with designer Yves Béhar, Herman Miller have created the Herman Miller Sayl chair, a design as affordable as it in inventive. Herman Millers work with Yves Béhar achieved a breakthrough in seating technology. The Herman Miller SAYL Chairs full suspension back is literally frame less. It encourages a full range of movement while seated,


Actiu Trama Range

Posted by Andrew on - Home Office

Actiu Trama epitomise the design trends of our current  home office furniture industry. Clean elegant lines which create a feeling of calm and light space. A beautiful Aluminium frame with a choice of Melamine or glass tops this range of desks and tables can be used in any area of the home and keep a