August 2017

Back to school tips for working parents

Posted by Lauren on August 21st 2017 - Latest News

Okay, the start of the new school year really isn’t far away now, and since the old school year ended you are likely to have experienced a complete change in family routine. Starting to plan ahead now will make the transition back to school smoother for both your child and you as a working parent.


Creating a welcoming reception area

Posted by Lauren on August 15th 2017 - Latest News

A reception area is an absolute must for customer facing business, and it will form the all important first impression for new customers. You can ensure that you are forming the right impression the moment someone walks in the door by making your reception are professional but welcoming and friendly. Here are a few ideas


Ideas for a more enjoyable life in the office

Posted by Lauren on August 4th 2017 - Latest News

Many of us spend the vast majority of our week in the office behind a desk, so it is important to make the working environment harmonious and one that people will enjoy. Here’s a few simple tips  to help create an atmosphere that will boost moods and motivation, and in turn improve productivity; going to