January 2017

Planning your workplace kitchen

Posted by Lauren on January 24th 2017 - Latest News

All too often the workplace kitchen is hidden away in a dark corner of the business. Old school business mentality was ‘the less appealing the kitchen area, the less time staff will spend there and more time at their desks’. In today’s modern working environment, everything has switched. When you are at home, the kitchen


What are the benefits of acoustic office pods?

Posted by Lauren on January 16th 2017 - Latest News, Product Reviews

Background noise can be a major distraction in the workplace and is probably one of the biggest causes of stress in the workplace; so how can an acoustic office pod help you? Certain noises can be accustomed to and therefore are less likely to be disturbing or distracting for staff. However, it is human nature


We are now a Certified Fabricator of Corian by Dupont

Posted by Lauren on January 9th 2017 - Latest News

It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have become a certified fabricator for Corian, by Dupont. Corian was developed for one purpose; to create a practical material for living.  Since its invention in 1967, Corian has proven itself to be remarkably durable, a versatile material that is easy to live with in