Encouraging a collaborative workplace

Posted by Lauren on October 23rd 2017 - Latest News, Office Fashion

So what is collaboration? Well, traditionally collaboration would involve scheduling meetings, inviting attendees, reserving rooms and preparing agendas. However, in a modern working environments some of the best collaboration occurs spontaneously in unplanned events that occur to address issues as they arise in unplanned situations. So, where does ‘collaboration’ happen? In short, people work together


Why your office will benefit from a breakout space

Posted by Lauren on September 27th 2017 - Latest News

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of our industry and would like to help you consider the benefits of a breakout space within your office environment. What is a breakout area? A breakout area (space) is a place where your staff can go that is away from their normal (formal) work area/desk. Breakout areas can


Back to school tips for working parents

Posted by Lauren on August 21st 2017 - Latest News

Okay, the start of the new school year really isn’t far away now, and since the old school year ended you are likely to have experienced a complete change in family routine. Starting to plan ahead now will make the transition back to school smoother for both your child and you as a working parent.


Creating a welcoming reception area

Posted by Lauren on August 15th 2017 - Latest News

A reception area is an absolute must for customer facing business, and it will form the all important first impression for new customers. You can ensure that you are forming the right impression the moment someone walks in the door by making your reception are professional but welcoming and friendly. Here are a few ideas


Ideas for a more enjoyable life in the office

Posted by Lauren on August 4th 2017 - Latest News

Many of us spend the vast majority of our week in the office behind a desk, so it is important to make the working environment harmonious and one that people will enjoy. Here’s a few simple tips  to help create an atmosphere that will boost moods and motivation, and in turn improve productivity; going to


How to manage working from home in the school holidays…

Posted by Lauren on July 31st 2017 - Home Office, Latest News

Having a job where you can work from home has so many benefits; no commuting and lots of peace and quiet to help with focus… until now of course, the school holidays are upon us! If you are the one in charge of childcare as well as the one working from home, then you may


Ok Monday, let’s do this… No more Monday Blues!

Posted by Lauren on July 24th 2017 - Latest News

Well today is Monday, and for many of us it’s our day to return to work after the weekend. Your weekend has probably been a fun time of doing things you wanted to do including leisure time and time with your family… even getting the domestic chores completed along the way seems easier at weekends.


Creating a Home Office space

Posted by Lauren on July 13th 2017 - Home Office

More and more of us are making use of an area at home to incorporate a study. It could be needed for working from home or for doing home admin tasks, either way clever use of space is likely to be key. Many of us do not have the luxury of a dedicated room that


What lessons from Tennis should we use in Business?

Posted by Lauren on July 6th 2017 - Latest News

It’s that time of year again when we enjoy the skill and competition of the players at Wimbledon. But what disciplines in tennis are also true of our endeavours in the workplace? Talent: We are all born with talents, and more importantly we are all born with different talents. Although talent, physical or mental, can


Modern workplaces are constantly changing and evolving

Posted by Lauren on May 4th 2017 - Latest News

Modern workplaces are constantly changing and evolving, and developments in workspace thinking concentrate on staff wellbeing as well as bottom line profit for the business. If this style of thinking is in at the forefront in your workplace then staff morale, a great office culture and productivity can only be on the rise. So, what