June 2016

How to stay productive in the workplace…

Posted by Lauren on June 30th 2016 - Latest News

Staying productive in the workplace can be a challenge at times; phonecalls, emails and meetings all have their place but can in themselves be interruptions. Your chances of staying focused can be greatly improved by taking a few simple steps to lighten your workload. It can also help greatly to assess your workspaces and make


Overwhelmed or threatened by the thought of change?

Posted by Lauren on June 20th 2016 - Latest News

Everyone is hesitant of change; in any environment. As business owners and leaders though we need to ensure we continue to make effective, informed decisions even if we feel overwhelmed or threatened by the thought of change. It often takes people a while to ‘get their heads around’ what changes will mean to them. So,


Being a working dad for the first time.

Posted by Lauren on June 16th 2016 - Latest News

Working in the office today I received a message that my eldest child (well, more young adult) had been taken poorly. She’s fine thankfully, but the incident made me rethink the content for my office blog today as it brought back a conversation a few weeks ago. My friend and his partner have their first


Creating the right environment in the office

Posted by Lauren on June 15th 2016 - Latest News, Product Reviews

Smart organisations understand that their primary goal is to enhance the performance of their people. People are the engine that keep companies growing, adapting, improving and innovating; creating the right environment in the office is key to this.   Given the nature of today’s work processes, how can your workplace better support human performance? How


Do you buy into a brand, or the people behind it?

Posted by Lauren on June 13th 2016 - Latest News

Do you buy into a brand, or the people behind it? Let me explain what I mean… What is a brand? When you buy a Coca-Cola, you do not buy it because it has an iconic red and white swirly logo, you buy it because you associate it with quality, opulence and longevity in the


Ice Ice Baby

Posted by Lauren on June 8th 2016 - Latest News

Attention all sun lovers… We may have enjoyed some fabulous weather lately, and there is talk of a gorgeous summer ahead, as we discussed recently. However, the coming days’ weather is becoming increasingly more unsettled from Saturday it would seem. Therefore, it seems apt to grab the moment and plan a quintessentially British Pimms, after a warm


Working in a heatwave during the summer holidays?..

Posted by Lauren on June 6th 2016 - Latest News

Well, we were certainly blessed with sunshine in Cornwall during the half term holidays, and now we are being told that the sun is set to continue to blaze across the country. So, will you be working in a heatwave during the summer holidays?.. It has been predicted that London, the South East and the Midlands


Tennis and Business: Why tennis players get ahead

Posted by Lauren on June 2nd 2016 - Latest News

It’s just three weeks now until the draws take place for Wimbledon 2016, when we will see inspiring levels of skill, determination, stamina, and tenacity to win… And hopefully not too much rain!? We cannot all aspire to play at this level, but tennis can teach us a lot about how to win in business.


How to juggle work and school holidays

Posted by Lauren on June 1st 2016 - Latest News

Being a working parent can be challenging, and it’s made even harder during the school holidays! We all have mixed emotions when we think of school holidays as we relish having a break from the usual manic routine, but then have to shift around our working patterns and routines to accommodate the children being home. Self-employed