May 2016

Extend life outside the office by changing the way you work…

Posted by Lauren on May 27th 2016 - Latest News

If you’re sat at you desk, looking out of the window on a beautiful sunny day (ok, that may be stretching the imagination in the UK on the verge of a Bank Holiday weekend), you may be thinking “hey, im wasting my life here”… Whilst you’d be thinking figuratively, the simple fact is that numerous


Is your job a pain…. Literally?

Posted by Lauren on May 20th 2016 - Latest News

Millions of people work in an office environment, spending many of their hours behind a desk. But, is your job a pain…. Literally? All that time at a desk might bring productivity, but it shouldn’t be to the detriment of backs, muscles and joints. By analysing your office and workstation ergonomics, and perhaps making a


Copy Cats Beware

Posted by Lauren on May 17th 2016 - Latest News

We were pleased to hear of further improvements to copyright protection that have been announced, so copy cats beware. The Intellectual Property protection rulings which apply for 25 years after the death of an artist or composer are being extended to product designers too; but will apply for 70 years after the designer’s death. The


What do these films and TV shows have in common?

Posted by Lauren on May 13th 2016 - Latest News

James Bond’s ‘Casino Royale’, Blockbuster ‘Pitch Perfect 2’, Hugh Laurie’s ‘House’, CBS’s ‘Big Bang Theory’,   That’s right, they all feature the Herman Miller Aeron Chair. The Herman Miller Aeron is an iconic office chair, used throughout extensive offices, home offices and even on TV shows. The pioneering Herman Miller Aeron chair was launched back in


Creating a great home office solution

Posted by Lauren on May 9th 2016 - Home Office, Latest News

Some business people do their work every day at their business address; others work in less structured spaces, or while on the train visiting clients. However, many ‘solopreneurs’ work days happen at home, and we have therefore put together some great tips for making the most efficient home office environment. For anyone who has done


The importance of choosing the right office design company…

Posted by Lauren on May 5th 2016 - Latest News

The biggest expense in your project will be the design and actual refurbishment. Therefore make sure to engage with a reputable office design and refurbishment specialist during the early stages, as their advice will be invaluable. A good office refurbishment partner will be able to help you identify your needs by carrying out surveys, space


“Get up offa that thing”

Posted by Lauren on May 3rd 2016 - Latest News

Friday’s National ‘On Your Feet Britain’ Challenge dared workforces around the UK to take James Brown at his word and “Get up offa that thing” by converting ‘sitting time’ to ‘standing time’… Did you take part? Following some simple changes it’s easier than you think… – Stand during phone calls – Stand and take a