September 2015

Okamura Dealership

Posted by Lauren on September 29th 2015 - Latest News

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected as a main distributor for Okamura Corporation. Okamura is a Japanese seating company, thats vision for the workspaces of the future is to have spaces which consistently promote a high level of creativity and intellectual involvement. Their Active Offices® ethos, is to create products which


The future of the workplace – Living Office

Posted by Lauren on September 11th 2015 - Latest News, Office Fashion

Herman Miller after many years of research have proudly launched the Living Office concept. This new concept of working offers a new way of working to enrich the users workplace. Tomorrow’s offices need to attract, nurture, enable and retain the talent that will drive innovation and execution, and bring an organisation’s strategy to life. Through


The importance of sit-stand working

Posted by Lauren on September 2nd 2015 - Latest News, Office Fashion

For many of us, the largest percentage of our time spent in the office is sat. It is a well known fact that a more active person in the workplace is healthier than somebody who sits without breaks for long periods of time at their desk. In an ideal world you would stand and move